Feeling Unwell?

My commitment and effort to maintain a safe and healthy environment remains my priority. Therefore, I ask you kindly to consider the following: 

  • Thank you for rescheduling if you feel unwell, have a fever, the flu, Covid (you or a member living in the same household), and also if you feel you have the onset of an illness. (I will do the same). 

  • Thank you for texting or calling me if you are unsure or if you would like to change your in person appointment to a remote healing session. 

  • The cancellation fee is waived even with less than 24h notice. This does not, however, apply for not "showing up"  to your appointment without any prior notice. In that case you are expected to pay for the booked service.

Thank you!



"May your feet take you where

your heart wants to go!" 


~ Irish Saying ~