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About Marionna


Growing up, healing modalities close to nature were a big part of my life. ​And they still are. I have always been interested in how our system works and amazed by how strong our innate inner healing abilities truly are. We only need to give ourselves the time and space to find the root cause of any discomfort to allow healing to take place for Body, Mind, and Soul. My sessions are guided by my intuition, your spiritual helpers, as well as my knowledge of anatomy and physiology, and the teachings of both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Principles.

I love working with my clients and consider it an honor to walk beside them on their unique healing paths. 

I began my REFLEXOLOGY training in 1988 in my native country of Switzerland. I formalized my training by passing the National Certification Exam in 2004. From 2004-2009 I enjoyed teaching reflexology.

METAMORPHOSIS: Certified as a Practitioner in 2018 through the Metamorphosis Center with teachings of Robert St. John.  

CRANIO SACRAL THERAPY: Certified in Level 1 from the Upledger Institute in 2014.


I very much enjoy continuing learning about healing in general and the modalities I offer in my practice. It is a life long passion and it keeps me interested in my work.  


About my Approach

My desire is to support you in your understanding and knowing that you are in charge of your own healing. This partnership will help you release unconscious patterns to support your healing journey.  Your innate healing abilities are the driving force to our team work, which results in each session being different and fully tailored to your specific needs. 

During my sessions I always use SOUND THERAPY in the form of soft music to help you calm down, relax and find your center to supplement your healing. 

When I am guided, I will use singing bowls, crystal pyramids, and/or tuning forks, known as VIBRATIONAL SOUND THERAPY during your session. Their vibrations and sounds help balance and improve the flow of your Chi life force, which can relieve/release pain and tension. 

Sometimes I utilize crystals and gemstones. The idea behind CRYSTAL HEALING is that crystals carry certain energies that can positively impact our own healing. Similar to magnets, crystals use energy to attract or repel. These stones interact with your system and support you in balancing your individual energetic field.

A single act of kindness

can cause ripples of healing.

~ Anonymous~

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