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Essential Oil Sprays

'Sum Hara' Essential Oil Sprays


...are available at our suite. Next time you are in, check out the corner shelf in the waiting room. A few of the latest creations:

HO'OPONOPONO: supports reconciliation and forgiveness, both toward others and ourselves. (NEW)


SPARKLE, SHIMMER & SHINE supports perseverance, focus and flow to master ever changing times with ease. (2022)

ALLOW & INTEGRATE supports love, happiness, peace, joy, compassion, awareness, unity, empathy, patience, ease of flow, integration of past wisdom, knowledge, lessons learned and release of burdens. (2021)

FIRE DRAGON is today's upgraded version of the medieval 'Thieves Oil' is besides anti-fungal and anti-bacterial also anti-viral and protective. (2020)

More available sprays:


Eucalyptus essential oils in glass bottle.

Turn your face to the sun and 

the shadows fall behind you.


~  Maori Proverb ~ 

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