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Image by Alyssa Hurley


Reflexology is not intended to be a substitute for medical care. Please consult a medical professional for any health concerns.


Reflexology: Hands working of foot.


Reflexology is a gentle non invasive complementary healing modality based on an ancient science and art. There are reflexes (a microcosmic representation of the human system) in the feet, hands and outer ears. Stimulating these reflexes brings about self healing and balance. The effectiveness of reflexology is recognized worldwide by various national health institutions and the public at large as a distinct complementary practice within the holistic health field. 

Reflexology helps with: Relieving stress, trauma, tension and pain; Improving sleep; Improving circulation and lymphatic flow; Supporting and balancing the nervous, digestive, and musculoskeletal systems; Gently encouraging an overactive or under-active system back to balance; Bringing flexibility to the feet and ankles necessary for proper posture; Supporting innate healing abilities; Overall balance of body, mind and soul.

Image by Teslariu Mihai

May your feet take you

where your heart wants to go.

~ Irish Saying ~

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