Visit ~ Policies

Welcome to my Healing Space. I am happy that you found me and I am looking forward to working with you!

Upon arrival to your first visit, you are asked to fill out a health history form. We will then talk about the process of your appointment. 

Before every visit we will have a quick conversation on what expectations and goals you may have. Please let me know of any notable changes and updates I should be aware of. 


I offer individualized sessions, tailored to your specific needs for both in person and remote settings. 

I kindly ask you to refrain from using heavy perfumes or detergents prior to your in person appointment. I myself and many clients have chemical sensitivities. Thank you!

For your remote healing session please find a quiet and comfortable space. You can put on your own soft music if you wish. When you are ready you can call me at the time of your session. 

Common responses to both in person an remote healing sessions: Everyone is different. Therefore, responses may vary. Some may take place during the session or up to a few days to a week after. They are generally mild and may include: Feeling relaxed and at peace, feeling tired or energized, experiencing emotional or psychological release, experiencing a gentle cleansing and balancing of the body, mind and soul.


Protecting your privacy is very important to me. Please know, that what is discussed in my Healing Space stays in my Healing Space. However, if you would like me to collaborate with any other Health Practitioner you are already working with, I'm happy to comply. 


I ask you kindly to inform me as soon as you know if you are not able to keep your appointment. This helps accommodate clients who are on the waitlist. 

The 24h-cancellation fee is waived even with less than 24h notice. This does not, however, apply for not "showing-up" to your appointment or remote session. Not showing up will result in a full charge for the booked service, because the time was set aside for you. Gift certificates are forfeited and marked redeemed with no-shows. 

Lateness: If you arrive late, your session might be shortened in order to ensure timely beginning of the appointments that follow yours. You are still responsible for full payment since the time was set aside for you. 


In an effort to keep a healthy environment, I ask that if you are sick or have the beginning of an illness that you reschedule your appointment. (Including a fever, the flu, Covid etc). If you are at the end of not feeling well or are unsure, please contact me before your session and we can find a solution together. 


"When I focus on my inner light,

I see the world through the lens of love."

~ Gabrielle Bernstein ~