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Karen C.: "Good for the heart and soul!"    

•Julie S.:  "I have been going to Marionna for reflexology sessions for several years now and she is always genuine, kind, gentle and knowledgeable. Stress can present in many different ways in the body which I think can create blocks in certain energy fields. Whenever something in my body feels off, I know it's time for an appointment with Marionna. It's amazing how relaxed, rejuvenated and unblocked I feel after a session. I love giving friends a gift certificate so they can try a healing session for themselves with Marionna. It is something they may not have thought of doing and they love the experience! Marionna's skill, intuition and compassion work wonders!"

•Mindy S.: "Marionna is a very warm, sensitive and talented person. I have been benefitting from both in person and remote reflexology sessions for five years and I always look forward to each and every one of them! The reasons for my sessions vary - from selfcare and de-stressing to dealing with whatever physical, mental and emotional challenges life throws my way. Especially during the pandemic, remote sessions with Marionna have kept me centered and able to focus on the things I need and want to do during this tough time we are all a part of. Thank you Marionna!"

•Maria S.: "I have been seeing Marionna for the past 6 years now. She has helped me tremendously with giving my mind and body the balance it needed throughout many different periods of my life. Her gift is truly incredible. Her space is welcoming and warm. I feel so comfortable being there with her. Each session is tailored to what your mind/body/soul needs, even when you don't know what that may be. I always leave feeling so completely grounded. I would recommend Marionna to anyone who is seeking healing from the inside out!" ​

•P. K.: "I feel wonderful! Marionna you have a great intuition to know what a body needs!! Thank you!"

•Heather D.: "Marionna is a kind, compassionate and intuitive healer. Her gentle and open nature evokes safety and trust. Marionna has been a true guide on my healing journey. Whether you are looking for support on a spiritual, emotional, physical and/or energetic level; she meets you where you are and holds the space for you to exist as you are. I have been on my healing journey for many years, and with Marionna's support, I have shifted into a deeper level of healing beyond what I could have imagined. I am incredibly grateful for her integrity and genuine approach to her practice. She is a gift in my life." ​

•Gina B.: "Marionna was highly recommended by a friend as a remarkable empathic healer. Within moments of the start of our virtual meeting, Marionna's loving energy, her penetrating intuition and assuring authenticity immediately invited my confidence and trust. Forget the agenda which I had prepared in advance, as the process softly ignited and unfolded organically. Suspending disbelief, I abandoned my self to the wondrous, indefinable mystery of this extraordinary experience. In a brief but timeless hour, I felt transported to a magical realm. Information was revealed and explored to a degree seemingly dynamic, fluid and deeply resonant. Marionna's insight shed a new light on a number of dangling questions in my life. Weeks later, I continue to digest the rich material which surfaced during our session. Not only do I recognize an energy shift, but also note a subtle re-alignment both physically and spiritually. Connecting with Marionna was both a gift and a privilege. I very much look forward to our continuing work together."

•Michelle T.: "Marionna is simply amazing. I have been seeing her for a number of years now and always leave sessions with her feeling more relaxed, refreshed and grounded. After my mother's recent passing I immediately reached out to her to book an appointment because I knew she would be able to help me start the healing process. And she did. She is a truly wonderful and gifted person and I am so grateful to have found her." ​

•Patti C.: "I have been going to Marionna for over a year now and she's excellent! I am always amazed how my body aches lessen, when only my feet are being worked on. I have back issues that always feel better when I've been to her. I also sleep so well after an appointment. I highly recommend her and can't say enough good things." ​ ​

Concept for spa setting with , green eucalyptus and  White towel and candle , ,gray stone

The purpose of our lives 

is to be happy.

~ Dalai Lama ~

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