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The New Way of Being

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

You might ask what does this all mean? What was the old way? What is the new way? Let me explain:

Most of you know that we are all part of the Universe and its energies/frequencies. We are influenced by them and we can choose to use them to support us in our daily life. To be able to do that, we must first understand that our frequency/vibration starts with our thoughts. Every thought carries a certain vibration and it is this vibration/ frequency that is working like a magnet. It attracts the same vibration.

Most of you also know that the universal energies always support us. Therefore, the lighter and brighter thoughts we are thinking and/or feelings we are feeling the lighter and brighter or happier frequencies the Universe is going to send our way.

On the surface this sounds like a pretty easy task. The tough part is that our subconscious is the stronger part of our brain. Often this part is sabotaging our intentions.

In meditation I was told by my guides over the past few months that the old ways are outdated and that they don't work any longer. I must have clearly not understood what I was told because just lately, I was actually given a practical way of how to live and implement this new way of being and living our lives.

The new approach is soft and kind. It is not ignoring what is happening - denial is not helpful. This new way is giving us a way to change our vibration to support us in manifesting what we want in our lives.

The Old Way

  • Identifying a problem and fixing it

The issue here is that by focusing on fixing the problem, we focus on that said problem and are inviting more of that frequency.

The New Way

  • Identifying a problem, sit with it and focus on what we want to feel, live, experience instead.

This approach will allow us to change the way we vibrate. It is lifting us out of the problem solving frequency and it will support the Universe to send us more of what we focus about. Which is hopefully a lighter, happier, funner experience.

What does that mean for your sessions?

Gapproach while we work together also. "Working out" a tight spot never resonated with me; it always felt too harsh. I used to ask that area to "balance" instead. Now there is a slight implication of "wanting to fix by thinking of balancing". I am now asking for the frequencies of love, light, happiness and joy to shift into that area instead. This approach is supporting you in allowing yourself to feel more of the clear and light vibrations. The sessions are "lighter and at the same time much more productive" since any little bit of perceived judgment or criticism that there might be something "wrong" with us is eliminated.

Let's support each other in shifting to this New Way of Being by allowing the old one to be released once and for all.

By focusing on what we want we become the strong manifested of our own life. Every decision we are asked to make will become easier and clearer because we know that we can consciously decide to focus on what we want - and the Universe will support us with that vibration.


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