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Welcome to My World!

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

I am by no means a writer. However, I have some info that I would like to share and I decided I would do that in the form of a Blog.

As most of my clients know, the World of Healing is the part of my life I love to be in most, besides the part where my family resides. It is a world of being, a world of magic, and most and foremost a world in which to become comfortable with the frequencies and vibrations that are not necessarily visible. It is the world that has to do with the subtler realms, with trust, with imagination, with being co-creators of our life - it is truly a magical world!

Inspirational, Informational and Important

I will be adding content to my blog as I feel inspired. The main idea for my blogs will be to bring forward inspirational, informational, as well as important information. Stay tuned.


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